Welcome to Zephaniah class


We are the Year 4 class at Scissett CE Academy. Our teacher is Miss Mannifield and we also have the brilliant Miss Stone to help us out. This year we have named ourselves after the fantastic poet Benjamin Zephaniah. He has written lots of poems but our favourite is Talking Turkeys! In Year 4, we are working on our independence skills and responsibility as we head towards our last year in school (this may mean extra responsibilities around school as well!). We are so excited for the brilliant year ahead filled with lots of learning and fun. This year will include learning about countries of the world, Vikings, sound and so much more! Keep checking on what we have been up to!



Zephaniah Spring 2024

World Book Day

Year 4 are looking at the BFG by Roald Dahl. During world book day, we decided to make our own dream jars! The children loved making them- especially when we turned all the lights off!


Clay Self Portraits

Year four have been exploring the art of display. Today we created clay sculptures of ourselves from designs we developed.

Picts and Scots in History

In History Year 4 have been learning about the Picts and Scots and how they lived. The children researched Pictish lifestyle and culture creating beautiful pages in their history books. They then looked at the importance of Pictish stones and how they were used to tell stories. They made their our own mini stones out of clay and carved their names in the Pictish alphabet known as Ogham.

Digestive System

Last week in Year 4 we started our new writing topic based on the book Gut Garden by Katie Brosnan. For our experience day we learnt all about how the digestive system works and how all our organs work together to help our body process food. We then made our very own digestive system using a bag to act as the stomach and tights to act as the intestines! The children had to mush the banana and biscuit with their hands and it all got a bit messy... We all had so much fun learning about what happens to food once we have swallowed it.


This half term in Zephaniah class we are learning all about Anglo Saxon life leading up to the Viking Invasion. In History, we have studied artefacts left at Sutton Hoo and used our historical thinking to predict who might have been buried there. The children drew beautiful sketches of the items and made predictions based on what the items were made out of and what they were used for. In science we will be learning about food and digestion. We have looked at food chains including producers and consumers and have even studied our own teeth! In English we have looked at the beautiful story written and illustrated by Grahame Baker-Smith titled Farther. The children have written their own endings to the story and are going to create their very own book, using the art style of Baker-Smith! In Maths, we have been multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100 then using those skills to help work out trickier calculations. 

Zephaniah Autumn 2023


Over the last few weeks Year 4 have designed their own lighthouses. We explored circuits and ways we could make out lighthouses light up. Today we created our finished products from our designs. Next we will evaluate them.


Charcoal Art Lessons

During Art lessons with Mrs Whittle Year 4 have been developing their charcoal skills. We are working on telling stories through art focusing during this lesson on the fairy story “Little Red Riding Hood”. We loved the depth and drama the charcoal helped up create in our pieces.


Science and Sound

In our Year 4 science lessons, we have been learning all about how sound travels. We had a message from a rock band who needed to know the best material to soundproof some headphones. The children planned the investigation, thinking carefully and scientifically about the materials we could use and ensured we made it a fair test. The children then ran the investigation in pairs, using lots of skills from maths too! We really enjoyed this investigation as a class and can't wait to do the next one.  



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