Design and Technology

"I like DT.  It's fun and we get to make things."  Year 1

"I like using different materials.  Making designs is my favourite part."  Year 4



At Scissett CE Academy we know that Design and Technology is an important part of our broad and balanced curriculum. We encourage children to learn, to think and intervene creatively to solve problems as an individual and as members of a team. It allows children to use their creativity and imagination to be able to design and make products for a specific purpose.   It gives all children an opportunity to reflect on what they have learned through practical exploration and use that knowledge when completing their own product. Children can take risks and make adjustments to their products throughout, making their final product the best it can be.                                           


The teaching and implementation of the Design and Technology Curriculum at Scissett CE Academy is based on the National Curriculum and each year group will cover three DT topics. Where possible, our approach is cross-curricular and draws upon other subject knowledge such as Science, Art and Mathematics to provide a well-structured approach to this subject.

The chosen DT topics ensure children are designing for a purpose. DT skills are built upon each year starting in EYFS up to year 5. Teachers use formative assessment to assess children at the end of each topic to ensure objectives, skills and knowledge are met. The DT lead audits the resources termly to ensure that all year groups have the correct supplies and resources to complete their desired products.

 Here is an overview of what pupils will cover in their time at Scissett:

Year group






Moving Minibeasts

 Seaside Snacks




Perfect Pizzas


Seasonal Stockings

Seasonal Food

Moving Monsters


Lighting It Up

American Food

Making Mini Greenhouses



Building Bridges

Moving Toys &

Funky Furnishings


Each child completes their topic with a final product which shows off the knowledge and skills they have learnt. By providing children with a Design and Technology curriculum with wide opportunities children will be engaged and motivated to do well in their DT learning. They will build upon their prior learning and develop their skills to have a clear understanding of the relevance and importance of DT in the wider world, creating the designers and manufacturers of the future.

Assessment and Criteria



Evaluate and Key Skills Criteria



What Learning Looks Like

Year 5          



Year 4         



Year 3        


Create and Design Day 13.03.2024 - Year 3 took part in an exciting project with the Royal Opera House.
Using a design brief we designed and created our own set designs around the story of “The Magic Flute”
We learnt all about the role of a set designer and how to work at a smaller scale. We absolutely loved getting creative.


Year 2