"Learning how to look after yourself online is very important because hackers can take all your knowledge and data.  It is good to be safe."  Year 4

"I learnt there is lots of technology in our class" Year 1


Our vision is to embed computing in as many learning opportunities as possible, providing our pupils with concrete experiences. Pupils at Scissett CE Academy will become confident and independent learners through stimulating and challenging experiences as they continue to develop their love for learning. We want our pupils to use technology positively, responsibly and safely. We aim to ensure that pupils are able to develop their skills and understanding both for the present and the future. We promote the well-being of our children through our school Christian Values and ensure pupils gain an understanding of their place in the online world, as well as in the world around them.   In this ever-changing digital world, we believe that our pupils should be aware of the risks and benefits of the internet, and know how to stay safe. To prepare our children, we underpin all learning with an interleaved approach to Online Safety, with a strong focus on creating a good digital footprint. Our school blog and sharing pages on Purple Mash show children what a wonderful audience the internet can be!


At Scissett CE Academy, we deliver a clear and effective scheme of work that provides coverage in line with the National Curriculum. Teaching and learning facilitates progression across all key stages within the strands of digital literacy, information technology and computer science. Through comprehensive progression, knowledge and skills are built upon year on year to deepen and challenge our pupils. Children have access to resources which aid in the acquisition of skills and knowledge (computers, iPads, programmable equipment), and the software that they need to develop knowledge and skills of digital systems and their applications. Weekly Computing lessons are taught by the subject lead in KS2, and class teachers in EYFS/KS1, ensuring children build up their skills and knowledge within each year group – following an interleaved approach. Online Safety underpins all aspects of Computing at Scissett CE Academy, and it is taught regularly. Online Safety procedures are shared with all stakeholders and children are taught about key and current safety issues, and how to support good practice in enabling them to keep themselves safe online.


When children leave Scissett CE Academy, we want them to be confident and competent users of modern technologies, with an understanding of how best to make decisions on keeping themselves safe online. We want pupils to reflect on and appreciate the impact computing has on their learning, development and well-being. Through the delivery of every element of the Computing Curriculum, children will leave Scissett CE Academy able to express themselves and be creative in using digital media. They will be equipped to apply their skills in Computing to different challenges in the next stage of education and beyond.



Assessment and Key Skills Criteria


What Computing looks like at Scissett

In computing, Year 4 have been looking at photo editing. Over the half term, they have learnt how to insert an image, change it's size and position, change the colour, brightness and have even learnt how to combine images to create new ones! 

This work is based on the theme magical forest and magical beasts. The children have used all the skills they have built up over the half term to create these final pieces