Please click here to access our remote learning plan. This can be found in our Parent's section

Here is some important information you may find useful in these difficult times

Guides and Letters

CriticalWorkerLetterfromMelMeggs.pdf .pdf
LAMATJanuary8thupdatevulnpupilsandcriticalworkers.pdf .pdf
VulnerableChildrenLetterfromMelMeggs.pdf .pdf
ScissettCovidCatchUpFundingPlan2020.pdf .pdf
202009251224LearningAccordCovid19update25thSeptember20201.pdf .pdf
23rdSeptemberPHElettertoparentsandguardians.pdf .pdf

Risk Assessments

ScissettAcademyEmergencyContingencyplanandschoolactionplanrevised8.1.21.pdf .pdf
LearningAccordSafeguardingCoronavirusAddendum1.pdf .pdf
2021ScissettMATRAinlinewithrestrictedattendance.pdf .pdf
SchoolriskassessmentScissett2.pdf .pdf
FlowChartpeopledisplayingsymptomsv2docx.pdf .pdf

Reception and Year 1 hand washing and hygiene videos

Updated guidance on what parents and carers need to know about education settings during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

Elsa- support


Elsa -support provide coronavirus support resources for and parents to help children cope with the current viral outbreak. Please click on the link below


We two resources for you to use - Going Back to School and the Wellbeing calendar

Going Back to School

Wellbeing Calendar

Recent Letters

Schoollettertoparentscoronavirus1.pdf .pdf
Coronavirusadviceforeducationalsettingsposter1.pdf .pdf
WiderReopeninglettersymptomsandnextsteps.pdf .pdf