"Discovering facts abour countries is great.  I have discovered countries I never knew about."  Year 4

"I liked finding out about Europe and drawing my own Portugal flag."  Year 3



At Scissett CE Academy, we strive to provide all children with a high-quality Geography education to inspire a curiosity and fascination about the world. Children will leave Scissett CE Academy with knowledge about diverse places, people and Geographical environments. Children will know the location of major countries and cities around the world and consider what life might be like there. Knowledge gained through the Geography curriculum will instill a sense of awe and wonder and will equip children with the necessary skills to become well-rounded citizens.


Topic areas are taught in half termly blocks where children learn about local, national and global knowledge. Through an enquiry-based approach, young geographers are encouraged to think critically and ask questions to gain human and physical understanding. Geographical skills include map reading and, through fieldwork, presenting and analysing data. Key vocabulary and classroom prompts are displayed to support long term knowledge and development.  

These are the Geographical topics that are covered throughout a pupil's time at Scissett CE Academy:


Year Group

Autumn Term 1

Spring Term 1

Summer Term 1


Travel & Transport

Families and Living Things

Underwater & Sea-creatures


Let’s Explore London

Around the World

Where I live


Map Makers

Let’s Go on Safari

Seas and Coasts


Our European Neighbours

Plants of the World

In the Desert


Countries of the World

Village Settlers

Mexico Today and Rainforests


Extreme Earth

Water World

Natural Resources


As pupils progress through school they will develop their Geographical knowledge and skills. These areas feature: Locational Knowledge, Place Knowledge - Physical and Human Knowledge and Geographical Skills.

Assessment and Progression


What Learning Looks Like

Year 4 have been using maps and symbols around the school grounds to help them navigate to different points in different locations. The children worked together to support each other and receive their objectives.