Amelia Earhart Spring 2023

Decades Day - The 1990s

On Friday 24th March Year 1 learnt all about the 1990s.  As part of our day we had a fantastic dance lesson to one of the hit songs of the 90s.

We had great fun making this video and practicing our moves. Click on the link below to watch our dance moves!!

Year 1 Dance Video - Decades Day

KS1 visit The Tropical Butterfly House

On Friday 3rd February, Year 1 and 2 visited the Tropical Butterfly House in North Anston. They explored the park and even got to meet some of the animals up close. Year 1 focused on how animals protect themselves with fur, feathers and scales whilst Year 2 explored the tropical butterfly house to learn about habitats. We all had a wonderful day. Eleanor liked seeing the meerkats best whilst Ethan loved feeding lettuce to the giant tortoises!

Partitioning in Year 1

In Year 1, we have been using partitioning to make 10 in different ways. We used numicon shapes and counters to do this practically and then wrote them out as number sentences. Some children even extended their learning to partition 10 into 3 numbers.

Hand to Mouth

Year 1 had a lovely morning with Alison from Hand to Mouth. We learnt all about respect and how it is important to show this to everyone. This links very well to our Christian Value for this half term! Evelyn said “it is good to show respect because it is being kind” and Ethan thought respect was “good listening to the teacher”. We all made our own scrolls to show who we might show respect to.



Amelia Earhart Autumn 2022

Reindeer Run

In December all the children in school took part in The Kirkwood Reindeer Run.  This was to help raise funds to assist with the valuable work that The Kirkwood undertake locally.  Children really enjoyed wearing their antlers and running around the playground.


Investigating Materials

As our science topic draws to a close, we encountered a man called Howard who had a broken umbrella. Howard set us a challenge – which material would fix his umbrella the best? We had to plan our investigation and then carry it out using a range of different materials. We found that cellophane would be the best for Howard, as it didn’t absorb any water. We also decided he shouldn’t use tissue paper or newspaper…they went a bit soggy!

From 1666 to 2022

To start our history topic, we compared London from 1666 to London today. We thought about how transport has changed, how technology had changed and how buildings have changed. Which era would you like to live in?

Foraging through Forest School

We love our Forest School afternoons – even when the weather is wet and miserable! Once you’re wrapped in your wellies and waterproofs, you really don’t notice the rain. We have enjoyed making winter trees and collecting different leaves. This all links to our science learning and we are excited to learn more.

We are Different, We are the Same Week

This week is an annual occurrence at Scissett Academy and we love to explore different ways of life. In Year 1, we have enjoyed new age kurling and boccia as well as aboriginal art. We also thought carefully about what makes us similar and different to our friends, recording this independently. Lizzie said “it was a really fun week learning about lots of different things. I really liked the art work”.

The Reading Suitcase

Year 1 LOVE reading. From daily phonics sessions to storytime and live events, our children are big lovers of reading. To help them explore books further, we have invented The Reading Suitcase. Every week, the star of the week gets to take home the suitcase (including a cuddly teddy and some sweet treats to share) as well as a book selected especially for them. They can share this with a grown up at home whilst enjoying their hot chocolate!

I did see a Woolly Mammoth! Live Event

We were incredibly fortunate to take part in the Read. Live event with Alex Willmore. He read his story called I Did See a Woolly Mammoth! Before helping us to draw a woolly mammoth of our own.

Making Houses

In Design Technology this half term, we have been building our own houses. We studied different houses very carefully and thought about which materials would be best to build them with. Oliver thought it would be best to use bricks or stone so the house would stay up. Hudson thought glass would be best for the windows so people could see through them. We worked hard to replicate real life houses with windows, doors and roofs.

Aboriginal Art

Year 1 had a great time learning and creating their own aboriginal artwork.

The Big Anti-Bullying Assembly

Michelle Bennett (mbennett) on: Amelia Earhart Autumn 2022


Today, we watched The Big Anti-Bullying Assembly, hosted by The Diana Award. We learnt what bullying is and what to do if we come across it. We feel very proud that no one has experienced bullying in our class - and we hope it stays that way!

We have all raised our hand to take the pledge to stand up to and stop bullying, wherever it may occur. Will you join us in our pledge?


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Science Working Walls

Michelle Bennett (mbennett) on: Amelia Earhart Autumn 2022


We are big fans of helping ourselves to develop our own learning in Year 1. After starting our science topic on seasonal changes this half term, we have set up our working wall with key vocabulary. This is working really well for our children who are using their reading skills to help develop their science knowledge. William told us that if we don't know where to look, check the working wall first - what a great skill!


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Whatever happened to Amelia Earhart?

Michelle Bennett (mbennett) on: Amelia Earhart Autumn 2022


Welcome to Year 1's blog! This year we are named after the inspirational pilot Amelia Earhart, who set off to fly around the world in 1937...but didn't return. We have been thinking about what we know about Amelia Earhart and what we think may have happened to her. What do you think happened? Please let Year 1 know!


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Prepping for Cross-country

Michelle Bennett (mbennett) on: Amelia Earhart Autumn 2022


We had a wonderful morning with Mr Morris preparing for the cross-country competition. He taught us to go amber NOT green all the way around the the green for the last minute sprints! We are looking forward to competing next week!


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And the hat went...SWISH!

Michelle Bennett (mbennett) on: Amelia Earhart Autumn 2022


Our book this half term is The Queen's Hat by Steve Antony. Unfortunately, her hat blows off in the story and goes off on an adventure around London. Today, we investigated how easy it was for our own hats to blow off. Most of them stayed firm on our heads but one did go for a flight.