Gandhi Summer 2023

Year Four have been learning all about coding in their latest computing unit. So far we have managed to programme a knight to respond to our commands and move around a castle.



A Scissett CE Academy Premiere… The Creature by Year 4

Did you know that the amount of litter and fly tipping in the UK has surged since lockdown? We created this film to show the impact that this can have on nature and creatures.

The Creature Film - Please click here

The Creature - Part 2

Year 4 have absolutely loved their latest sitting topic about the creature. We got creative and not only wrote newspaper articles about our creature but also created a short film… watch this space…


Science Investigations

Year 4 investigated the question, how much does air weigh? They used either weighing scales or a coat hanger as a balance scale to find out how much it weighs. Based on their findings they gave recommendations for if they were to do it again what would they do differently.



Year 4 have been using maps and symbols around the school grounds to help them navigate points in different locations.  The children worked together to support each other and receive their objectives.

The Creature

Year 4 have begun their summer term learning about how to write an emotive newspaper article.  We have explored a short video about a mysterious creature washed up on a beach and are reporting the story using interesting language choices.

Gandhi Spring 2023

Invasion Games

Year 4 have loved their PE sessions with Mr Killock in the sunshine!! They have been focussing on Invasion Games.

A Special Letter

A very special letter arrived for Year 4 from Buckingham palace… we have opened it in class and are very excited to share it with the rest of the school in worship this week!


EGGcellent Investigations
In Science Year 4 have been learning about our teeth and the importance of looking after them. As part of our unit we have conducted an investigation to see how different liquids can effect tooth decay. We have placed eggs into water, juice, milk, cola and squash to observe what will happen over time. We’ve already noticed some very interesting changes…



We had a great last day of term when a real life viking came to visit us.  He brought lots of interesting tools, equipment and artefacts with him for us to look at. Please click the link to watch our Viking in real life!!  Viking Video


Year 4 have had a wonderful morning visiting Howard Park in Cleckheaton as part of the “Carry my Story” programme. It was great to see our buddies again, do some exciting activities with them and get to explore a different school. We especially loved meeting Eddy the school dog. Our staff were so proud of how polite and well behaved our children were. They were excellent representatives of Scissett CE Academy! Well done Year 4!


Our final writing topic for this half term was all about poetry. Year 4 studied the poem “The River” and explored rhyme, metaphor and personification. We created our own poems using these language features all about “The Ocean”. We’ve loved writing and performing our poetry.



Year 4 for have been learning about Indian art. We have explored Mehndi patterns and designed our own.


Today year for had an exciting visit from our friends at Howard park. We have been paired with them for the carry my story project. So far we have communicated via letters so it was really special to get to meet our friends in person.

We spent the morning getting to know each-other, playing games and doing collaborative work.

We cannot wait to visit their school next week!


In Maths this half term Year 4 have been focusing on multiplication and division. We have been developing our understanding by using pictorial, concrete and abstract approaches. We have then used our skills to help solve problems in our books.


As part of our Viking topic we have learned all about the Viking invasion.

Year 4 created their own newspaper articles, diaries and recounts to retell the events. They did a great job at presenting their work themselves and finding the important facts to include.

Tag Rugby

Year Four are really excited to start developing their tag rugby skills this half term with Mr Burrows.

Letter Writing
We have been paired with a school in Cleckheaton called Howard park as part of the Carry my story programme.
Last half term we made contact with the school and sent them some handprints with clues all about us on them. We have received handprints back and have thought of lots of wonderful questions to ask our buddy.
We cannot wait to post our letters and hear back.


Gandhi Autumn 2022


Lest We Forget

With Remembrance Day around the corner we have been discussing the image of the Poppy in class. We have also read the book “One Boys War” about a real life soldier called Sydney who was killed in battle.
We created some collage art work around our discussions using newspaper pages from VE Day.

Wonderful Water
Year four are learning about the Trinity this half term and to begin our new topic we explored the symbolism of water. We thought of words to describe water such as powerful, healthy and dangerous. We then linked this to what we know about baptism and how water is used as a symbol of the washing away of sins.
We washed away our words. Next we will explore the story of the Baptism of Jesus and how it is represented in artwork.

This half term we are improving our football skills in our PE unit. We have been working on our ball control when dribbling and will work onto passing and competing in matches.



Year four have started exploring the book “Journey” in our new writing topic. It is a magical story about a lonely girl who finds a magic crayon that she uses to draw a door that takes her to another place. It is an unusual book as it has no words but the class loved exploring the illustrations and discussing what happened.

We created story maps to represent the story then went on our own journey around school thinking about what we would do if we had a magic crayon.

We can’t wait to create some exciting writing about this book.

We are different, We are the Same

Year four have done lots of exciting activities during we are different, we are the same week. We have explored lots of stories, created Mexican folk art and learnt all about carnival dancing!


The role of a Church Leader

Michelle Bennett (mbennett) on: Gandhi Autumn 2022


Year 4 had a special visit from Reverend Sarah to discuss her role as a church leader. She told us all about her job and what she does on a daily and weekly basis.
The class had thought of lots of wonderful questions to ask her.

Royal Pop Art

Michelle Bennett (mbennett) on: Gandhi Autumn 2022


Year 4 have been studying Andy Warhol and the pop art movement. We learnt how Warhol liked to use celebrities within his work. We created our own pop art creations. Can you tell which famous person we modelled them on?

Countries of the World

Michelle Bennett (mbennett) on: Gandhi Autumn 2022


In Geography, year 4 have been learning about the seven continents and the countries that are within them. We have been developing our map reading skills by locating countries on different maps in an atlas.

We have also been writing riddles… can you solve this one…

I am a county in Europe. I am south of the UK and share borders with Portugal and France. Which country am I?


Michelle Bennett (mbennett) on: Gandhi Autumn 2022


In Year 4 we love to read! So far this year we have been studying the book “Ice Palace”. We have been making predictions and retrieving information from the text. We have also been talking about other books we love and have made recommendations to our classmates. Ask us all about which books we chose.


The start of Year 4!

Michelle Bennett (mbennett) on: Gandhi Autumn 2022


Year 4 have started off the year working really hard. We’ve had a fantastic first two weeks and have already done some amazing writing. We created some fact files about Mahatma Gandhi to put on display in our classroom!
It was really interesting to learn about the person our class has been named after… make sure you ask us what we know!