At Scissett CE Academy we believe in a positive behaviour policy.


We look to reward those children who get it right, who follow our School Rules and who demonstrate the Christian Values which we like to celebrate.

Our three school rules are:-

  1. Respect Others
  2. Respect Environment
  3. Always try your best

Please find attached our school behaviour policy below:-

Positive Behaviour Policy


We do recognise that occasionally some children need help to learn how to be with others and we can all make errors or mistakes.  At our school, our aim is to discuss the problem and to put it right, learning in the process.

There are many rewards at our school.  From those important stickers we like others to notice, to being picked as a Star of the Week in our Friday Celebration Worship.  We can collect individual, group or even whole class rewards for when we have been brilliant.

We aim to work with and alongside parents, guiding and shaping our students into being someone who succeeds.