Spring 2023

Our Curriculum

Columbus class have been very busy this half- term. In Maths, we started off looking at 2-D and 3-d shapes before moving on to our current focus of money. The children have been brilliant with both of these mathematical areas.

Our Topic for the whole of the Spring term is Africa and this has formed the basis for some excellent English work but has cross-curricular links with both Geography and Science. As we are exploring habitats in Science we have been able to consider everything from African savannahs to the Artic. This week we went from the large to the tiny and looked at microhabitats. We went ‘on safari’ to our school woodland to observe the creatures living under a log. The children discovered many different minibeasts.

Columbus Autumn 2022

Learning to Exchange

Year 2 have been super busy progressing their addition learning to exchanging when adding two 2-digit numbers. The children have really enjoyed building their numbers using base ten equipment then exchanging ten ones for one ten.
The children are brilliant at using sentence stems such as 'I notice there are ---- ones which is equal to one ten and ----- ones'. Their mathematical language is developing really strongly. Well done Year 2!

Remembrance Day

It has been a busy couple of weeks in school. The children created beautiful art work for Remembrance Day.
This year's anti-bullying week theme is all about feeling like you can 'Reach Out'.
Children have worked hard to promote positive messages by designing a poster.

Everyday Materials and their uses

This term in science, Columbus class have been finding all about everyday materials and their uses. The children have been identifying materials and their properties, discussing natural and man-made objects and learning about the process of making materials. This led us to our investigation- what is the best material to make un umbrella? The children worked together testing materials to see if they were strong, light and waterproof by spraying them with water. We had fun and tried our best not to get wet! 

Maths and English

Year 2 have been really active with their learning in both English and Maths. We have done lots of work on Place Value, using concrete manipulative equipment and we have been sequencing the story of The Bog Baby.

Everyone has settled in to school life in Class Columbus really well and made a fantastic start to Year 2.

Knights and Castles Workshop

Michelle Bennett (mbennett) on: Columbus Autumn 2022

Columbus class have had a very special visitor! In year 2, our topic this term is knights and castles. We have learnt all about medieval life and what knights got up to over 1000 years ago. We also had the opportunity to hold swords, medieval toys and some extremely heavy armor! 

Columbus class really have had a fantastic, fun-filled day.