Visitors to School

Ramadan 2023

We had a very special visitor come into school to talk to us about Ramadan. The children enjoyed learning about why Ramadan is special to Muslim people all around the World and how they celebrate this special time. As a thank you we presented our visitor with a box of very tasty looking dates which are a special gift for Muslims at the end of Ramadan.

Please click the link below to watch our Ramadan video.

Ramadan Video


Spring 2023

Brian and Margaret came into school to lead our Worship. They told the story of Jesus being tempted by the three Ps: Power, Popularity and Possessions. We thought about temptations and not giving in to them and what we could give up for lent.
Then we put our God suits on!


Spring 2022

Our friends, Brian and Margaret, came into school to lead our school Worship. They retold the story of The Good Samaritan. The children acted out this story from The Bible together with the help of Brian and Margaret.