Welcome to Storey Class

Teacher: Mrs Boulby
Hello and welcome to our Year Five class, taught by Mrs Boulby (more commonly, Mrs. B!), with Mr Watson and Mrs Sykes (and Mrs Martin on Mondays). This year all our classes are named after potential Olympic athletes - we are called Storey Class, after super-Paralympian Sarah Storey.
We are the oldest class in school, so as well as the usual work we also have lots of responsibilities, such as being Play-leaders, setting up the Music and Computer for Collective Worship, looking after the Library, working with Reception as Shared Reading partners and so on. We also get to go on the best trip in school – Robinwood activity centre in Todmordon.
Our classroom is bright and cheerful, with lots of interactive displays, and different learning zones. We do lots of different topics: this year this includes Ancient Greece, Space, Water and Victorians: A Time of Change. We have fun, as well as doing our best work. Some of the best bits in our class are the theme days: on Greek day, we try lots of Greek food and have an Ancient Greek Top Model catwalk challenge! On Victorian Day, we all dress up - teachers included - and pretend to be in a Victorian classroom and do old-style Reading, wRiting and 'Rithmetic, as well as PT and sewing (girls only of course).
Mrs B has been teaching for a long time and loves working with older KS2 children, encouraging us to develop greater independence, responsibility and prepare us for our move on to Middle School. She aims to stimulate a love of learning, and help us develop into “confident, switched-on young people with a good work ethic and respect for others.”
We believe our classroom should be a safe and happy environment, where everyone is respected and feels able to try new things, offer suggestions and learn through making mistakes. We want to get the most out of our last year here at Scissett CE Academy – and give something back as well!

Class 5 Letters

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Posted: Feb 9, 2020 by: Heather Boulby (hboulby) on: Storey Class Blog

This week has been BRILLIANT – the best trip ever! We’ve been to Robinwood, which is an Outdoor/Adventurous Activity Centre based in Dobroyd Castle in Todmordon, and is specially designed with activities for Key Stage 2-age children. We were in 3 teams, with Mrs Hampshire, Mrs B and Mrs Martin & Mrs Sykes. Ben came too (he’s helping the Giants with PE in school this year). We did loads of very exciting things like:

  • High activities = trapeze, zip-wire, climbing, giant swing and crate challenge
  • Problem-solving activities = Piranha Pool, Dungeon, Quest and Challenge course
  • Other activities = caving, canoeing, archery, Nightline and Team Challenge.

We had to show lots of teamwork and courage while we were there. Some of the class were quite nervous about different activities, but we faced up to our fears with the support and encouragement of our team-mates, teachers and Robinwood Team Leaders. We had a fantastic time and got back on Friday very muddy, tired and excited all at the same time.