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Welcome to Storey Class

Teacher: Mrs Boulby
Hello and welcome to our Year Five class, taught by Mrs Boulby (more commonly, Mrs. B!), with Mr Watson and Mrs Sykes (and Mrs Martin on Mondays). This year all our classes are named after potential Olympic athletes - we are called Storey Class, after super-Paralympian Sarah Storey.
We are the oldest class in school, so as well as the usual work we also have lots of responsibilities, such as being Play-leaders, setting up the Music and Computer for Collective Worship, looking after the Library, working with Reception as Shared Reading partners and so on. We also get to go on the best trip in school – Robinwood activity centre in Todmordon.
Our classroom is bright and cheerful, with lots of interactive displays, and different learning zones. We do lots of different topics: this year this includes Ancient Greece, Space, Water and Victorians: A Time of Change. We have fun, as well as doing our best work. Some of the best bits in our class are the theme days: on Greek day, we try lots of Greek food and have an Ancient Greek Top Model catwalk challenge! On Victorian Day, we all dress up - teachers included - and pretend to be in a Victorian classroom and do old-style Reading, wRiting and 'Rithmetic, as well as PT and sewing (girls only of course).
Mrs B has been teaching for a long time and loves working with older KS2 children, encouraging us to develop greater independence, responsibility and prepare us for our move on to Middle School. She aims to stimulate a love of learning, and help us develop into “confident, switched-on young people with a good work ethic and respect for others.”
We believe our classroom should be a safe and happy environment, where everyone is respected and feels able to try new things, offer suggestions and learn through making mistakes. We want to get the most out of our last year here at Scissett CE Academy – and give something back as well!

Class 5 Letters

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Storey Class Blog

Water, water everywhere!

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We’ve been very busy with our Water topic again this week… more practical science as well as some creative music using graphic scores which we composed ourselves in groups.

In Science, we worked in pairs to find the saturation point of different solids in water (at room temperature). Several pairs used the same solid – like rock salt, or brown sugar – so we could check the accuracy of each other’s results. We must have worked carefully, because everyone’s results matched up!



In Music, we had to discuss what kind of water we were going to describe in our pieces, work out what instruments would represent our ideas, and decide how to structure the piece. We then drew a graphic score – we had practised interpreting these in another lesson, so we knew what to do! After practising together (one group worked outside even though it is January!) we came back in and performed our pieces to the others.

Science experiments

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We’ve started out new topic about Water, which has lots of Science and Geography in it. This week we were doing some practical work to see how different solutions and suspensions (different types of mixtures of solids and liquids) can be filtered. We had to be very patient and very careful to not spill any of our mixtures, and also not to make holes in the filter papers. Guess what we discovered about the different types of paper we used!




Stand and Deliver!

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We are starting off our new term by learning about narrative poetry, in particular, the poem “The Highwayman”. It is an exciting and dramatic poem (but we don’t want to give away to many spoilers for next year’s class!) Last week, Mrs B brought in a story sack full of props from the Highwayman, and we had to try and write a story using as many of them as possible. Some of our stories were amazing! We also watched “Stand and Deliver”, a pop video from the 1980s by a singer called Adam Ant. (Mrs B liked him when she was a teenager!) It was funny, because they had things like headphones and drum kits in the video, even though they hadn’t been invented yet.

This week, we have read the poem itself and tried to create a storyboard of the key events in the story using the story sack props and ourselves! We planned out each camera shot and then went out with Mrs Bray to take the photos around school. It had been raining, so those of us who went into the woods got very muddy!



Thinking deeply…

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In Storey Class room we have got a prayer corner, which Mrs B changes for us to reflect on different themes or activities, like in November when she made it about Remembrance. This time it is about Forgiveness, which we were thinking about at the end of last term. We can draw a picture of something we want to forgive someone for (or want forgiveness for ourselves) onto this special tablet and drop it into a bowl of water. While it fizzes and disappears, we can think about things and, if we want to, say a prayer to God to ask him to help us let it go…


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This week has been very busy and very fun. We’ve had rehearsals at school and at church for our Christingle Service, which was on Wednesday evening, and lots of parents came. Some of us dressed up as characters from the Christmas story and acted out different parts, while others read the different parts of the story from the Bible. Adam was a great Gabriel; Blake, a scary Herod; Ava and Imogen were fab as solo-singing angels and Louis and Isobel both had to sing as well as act the parts of Mary and Joseph. But everybody got involved and played their part really well. The service finished off with everyone having a Christingle to hold, turning the lights off in church and singing Away in a Manger by candlelight. It was a really lovely service and Mrs B got lots of lovely feedback from the parents who came.

It’s all Greek to us!

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All this term we have been doing Ancient Greece as our History topic, which Mrs B has linked to our Art, English and lots of other things too. She even has got us doing a dance in PE based on the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur. It’s taken lots of weeks to prepare, and we have created all our own choreography for the different sections of the music, sometimes alone, with several different partners and in larger groups for the journey to Crete bit. Most people liked the battle with the Minotaur part best – we had to do slow-motion, stylised fighting movements without ever touching each other - one of us was Theseus and the other was the Minotaur. The hardest bit was falling down still in slow motion!


We also had a Greek theme day which everyone said they really enjoyed. We could choose from lots of different activities (lots of English and Art), and we had to try different Greek food. Not everybody liked it all!

Everyone came in costume (it had been homework to make one from a set of instructions, and then personalise it after some research) and we had to do an Ancient Greek Top Model catwalk show which was very embarrassing! Even Mrs B and Mrs Bridge-Wilkinson dressed up and joined in.



A lot of people’s favourite activity was making Greek masks. Mrs B thinks that the photos where we are (nearly) all wearing them is a bit creepy! Can you spot which kind person said they didn't mind not making a mask as there were not enough for the whole class to do?

We will miss doing the Greek topic, but at least we’ve still got some more to read of our class novel, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, which is an awesome adventure story.

Harry Potter quiz

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On Wednesday this week some of Storey Class went up to Scissett Middle School for the first of our transition activities. These take place about once a month throughout the year, and give us Year 5s a chance to see the Middle School and try some fun taster activities, or take part in competitions with children from other First schools in the area. This month’s transition event was The Great Harry Potter Challenge. Each school sent a team – dressed up as characters from the books – to try to win a Harry Potter Quiz competition. Our team (Kelsie, Imogen, Elliot, Millie and Ella) had already had to beat the others in class to get on the team, and went up rather nervously to take on the other schools. We were so excited to hear, when they got back, that they had come first – well done all of you!


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This week has been BRILLIANT – the best trip ever! We’ve been to Robinwood, which is an Outdoor/Adventurous Activity Centre based in Dobroyd Castle in Todmordon, and is specially designed with activities for Key Stage 2-age children. We were in 3 teams, with Mrs Hampshire, Mrs B and Mrs Martin & Mrs Sykes. Ben came too (he’s helping the Giants with PE in school this year). We did loads of very exciting things like:

  • High activities = trapeze, zip-wire, climbing, giant swing and crate challenge
  • Problem-solving activities = Piranha Pool, Dungeon, Quest and Challenge course
  • Other activities = caving, canoeing, archery, Nightline and Team Challenge.

We had to show lots of teamwork and courage while we were there. Some of the class were quite nervous about different activities, but we faced up to our fears with the support and encouragement of our team-mates, teachers and Robinwood Team Leaders. We had a fantastic time and got back on Friday very muddy, tired and excited all at the same time.

Farewell to a Friend…

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It’s been a peculiar week this week – lots of “lasts”. Mr Watson, who has moved up the school with our Class since Year 1 is leaving Scissett Academy, so it’s been our “last” PE lesson together, our “last” Collective Worship, our “last” Computing session… which has felt rather odd. He’s always been around and helped so much with lots of our work and other activities, trips, fun days and so on. He is a great musician, and has played drums in school concerts as well as teaching us how to play Samba music in Year 4. We shall really miss him (there were a few tears on Friday!)

Shared Reading

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In September, we all trained to become Shared Reading mentors. This means that we read once a week with a partner in Reception and help to develop their reading. There were lots of different reading strategies to learn, and we practised them in pairs. It was very fun, because we had to pretend to be the 4- or 5-year-olds some of the time.

We have been reading with the younger children for several weeks now – it is great to spend time with them and talk about books every Friday afternoon.




We are in our PJs because Mrs B took these photos on Children in Need day!

To Infinity and beyond…

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Today we took advantage of the fact that Class 4 go swimming first thing and practised and performed our music compositions (some of us using their room and all of us being quite noisy!). We’ve worked up to this by listening to and discussing a piece of music called The Planet Suite, by the composer Gustav Holst.  Each group had a different part of a Journey through Space to create:

  • blast off,
  • travelling in space
  • Planet Ferrophone (only using metal instruments)
  • Planet Xylophone (only using wooden instruments
  • Planet Vocaphone (only using voices) and
  • Planet Aerophone (only using wind instruments and effects)

We recorded our performances, and Mrs B was really impressed by our compositions and performances.

Time to Remember

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We have been looking at a fantastic book in English this week: FArTHER (no typo!) by Graham Baker-Smith. It has amazing pictures in it by the author and the story is really interesting. It links to the theme of Remembrance (as it is Remembrance Day next Monday). We did some freeze-frames in Drama to try and think about the different characters’ feelings when the Dad goes away to fight in World War I. It helped the writing we did afterwards… Mrs B said some people’s work was really emotive.

Our prayer corner was all about Remembrance as well.

Diversity Week

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This week has been Diversity Week and we have done lots of different stuff linked to Diversity. It has been really fun. A PE coach came in and taught us to play Sitting Volleyball, to get an idea of what it might be like to be a Paralympian, doing sport in a different way.

We did lots of group activities in class, like discussing our feelings and linking this to ideas about being unique; respecting and accepting people and not bullying someone because they are different to us in some way. The photos show us making our feelings ladders, and Mrs B leading a PHSE & C/VIPERS lesson about the book “William’s Doll”.

We did lots of other activities, like learning about stereotyping, designing magazine covers and making Promise postcards. We had some interesting visitors to Collective Worship as well!

Orienteering with Giants

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This half term we have been having great fun learning Orienteering with Huddersfield Giants coaches in our PE lessons. We have learned loads of map reading and other orienteering skills, as well as working co-operatively in groups and pairs to complete challenges and win competitions against other groups… and also to see if we can solve problems more quickly than other classes. It has been brilliant and something new for PE sessions too.

Order, order!

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Mr Cunningham has asked some of Storey class to sort and organise the school Library books back into the Dewey system order. It’s needing quite a lot of work. Our chief Librarians are Sophie and Thea – they’ve got a real job on their hands, but we’re sure they’re up to it! Watch out to see the progress they and the team make over the next few weeks.


Harvest Festival

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Storey Class have been busy practising a song for the Harvest Festival called O Sifuni Mungu. As you might be able to tell, it is not all in English! Lots of the class volunteered to lead part of a verse in a small group, and Elijah started the whole song off with a solo – all on his own, not even a piano to help! Mr Watson played the big djembe and lots of us played percussion. It was a hard song, with actions and different parts to sing, but it went really well and Mrs B was so pleased! Lots of people told her after the Harvest Service how impressed they were, including someone who used to live in Africa, and hadn’t heard the song since they moved back to England!


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This week, Mr Davison came from Scissett Middle, and told us about how to become Young Leaders in sports at Middle school and Shelley. It can start with Play Leading here at Scissett CE Academy. We thought about all the characteristics of a good leader, and then tried out lots of different activities we could do with younger children to make playtimes even more fun for them.

Performance Poetry

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In English we have been looking at different poems about the senses. For the poem about hearing we had to work in groups, choose which poem to do, then practise and perform it to the rest of the class. Some performances were funny, even though it made some of us nervous! We'll try to upload some of the performances when we have edited them - watch this space...


Collective Worship – We were great, honest!

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This year, each class is going to introduce one of our Christian Values each half term in Collective Worship. As we are oldest, we got to go first, and had to plan and lead on the theme of Honesty. We all thought of lots of different ideas to include, and eventually had a plan:

Storey Class Worship – Honesty – Autumn 2019

  • Welcome (Ava)
  • Introduce song (Kelsie)
    • Song (whole school)
  • Introduce theme of Collective Worship (Blake)
  • Introduce sketch (Louis)
  • Sketch – The Boy who Cried Wolf (Boy: Oliver; Wolf: Millie B; Sheep: Brooklyn, Dylan & Marcus; Shepherds: Adam, Blake, Liana, Mia & Rory)
  • Questions about the sketch (Imogen & Brooklyn)
  • Re-run sketch with better ending!
  • Bible quotes (Ella to introduce; Adam, Elijah, Jas, Liana, Louis, Mia, Sophie & Thea)
  • Explain Prayer corner (Brooklyn, Halle, Henry, Imogen & Kaylee)
  • Prayer (William)
  • H-O-N-E-S-T-Y song (including thoughts from Dylan, George, John, Joshy, Kayden, Marcus and Zain) and dance routine.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf - cast

Everybody was involved in some way, and Mrs B and the other teachers were really proud of how quickly we had pulled it together and how well we did. The parents who came seemed to enjoy it too!

Oliver said he told his adults at home about it and “they were there to watch me and they thought I did really well at being The Boy and doing the computer.”

Adam thought it was important for children to lead Collective Worship because “we can be imaginative and learn from our mistakes,” while William believes “everyone needs a part to play in this school.”

Elliot thought “It was very fun and the teachers were very enthusiastic!”

Bread Tasting

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In our DT topic we are looking at bread – how to bake it and how to design an interesting new artisan bread. We will be typing up these recipes and baking them during the year. As all good DT projects start with a detailed look at existing products, we had to examine – and sample – a range of different bread samples that Mrs B brought in for us to try. Some were gorgeous but some were disgusting!