Welcome to Nightingale Class

Teacher: Miss Goodall

Welcome to Nightingale Class! We are the Year 1 class at Scissett CE Academy. We have 31 children in our class and we are really proud to all be unique individuals. We have five adults who work in our class across the week. Miss Goodall is our class teacher and she teaches us every day – if she isn’t in class, she is usually organising something sporty for our school! Mrs Brook helps us every morning – she is brilliant at helping us with our phonics and brings fun and kindness into our classroom. Miss Buckley and Mrs Glen help us some afternoons and they make sure we study in our topics in very creative ways. Mrs Martin teaches our class on a Friday afternoon and she turns Nightingale Class into a real artist’s studio.

In Nightingale Class, we work hard to build on the skills that we have learnt whilst following the EYFS curriculum in Reception and we can still access the shared areas to continue to develop these. Though we have a more structured daily routine, continuous provision and outdoor learning are still important to us. We’re lucky to have access to great outdoor spaces at Scissett Academy and we are excited to explore these more this year. In Year 1, we have lots of different activities throughout the day to develop our English and Maths skills in lessons and in cross-curricular ways. We also practise our phonics every day to keep improving our reading skills.

Keep checking back to see what we get up to!


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Observing Our Bean Plants

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Last week, Nightingale Class planted broad beans to observe how plants develop from seeds to plants.

Here are the instructions that we wrote to show what we needed to do:

  1. First, put the cotton wool in the bag.
  2. Next, put the broad bean into the bag.
  3. After that, add water and seal the bag.
  4. Don't forget to write your name on your bag!

Today, we observed the changes that happened to our broad bean.

Seb noticed "the roots have grown to help it go searching for food." Elizabeth commented "the stem keeps it upright so it can grow even more." George P was amazed at how quickly his bean plant had grown.



Hunting for Wild Plants

admin on: Nightingale Class Blog

We have had a fantastic afternoon finding out about wild plants in our school environment. Armed with clipboards and an identification sheet, we had to see how many different plants we could spot around the school grounds before using our observational drawing skills to sketch them.#

Which is your favourite plant in our environment?




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