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We are the Year 2 children at Scissett CE Academy and the oldest children in Key Stage 1. In Year 2, we are working hard to become more independent in our learning and build our confidence but we always make sure we have fun to make our learning experiences memorable and enjoyable.

Our class teacher is Miss Goodall and she loves to keep us active. Mrs Brook works in our classroom everyday and she is amazing at helping us to stay organised and develop our creativity!

This year, each class is named after an artist and we are named after Vincent Van Gogh. We have really enjoyed looking at his Sunflowers painting and we are looking forward to exploring more of his artwork over the year.

We will be updating our blog frequently to share our learning with you at home – there’s lots of exciting things to come in Year 2!


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Van Gogh Class Blog

Array-zing Maths!

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In maths, we have been looking at multiplication. We have done lots of drawing out numbers to help us see how many 'lots of' there are and we have now moved onto arranging these into arrays. We even learned how to use the multiplication sign!

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Predictions for Beegu

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We have started our new text in Year 1 today - Beegu by Alexis Deacon. Using our VIPERS skills, we looked at the front cover and predicted what we thought would happen in the story.

Beau said " she might have been poor so she might have wanted another family to look after her."

Katie said "she wanted to have an adventure so she put her collar on and went to have an adventure."

Niya thought "she heard a scary noise so she went out into the city and got lost."

Sophie suggested "she had a bad dream and wanted to make her dream come real."

Lana predicted "she might have got scared so she wanted to go and see some other people in town."

What do you predict will happen in Beegu? Keep checking back and Year 1 might help you with the story!

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The Wider World - Fundraising Mission

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At Scissett Academy, we collectively sponsor a child through World Vision. Every week, we are encouraged to bring in spare pennies to help support a child in need around the world. Today, Lois and Jacob (our class share school councilors) announced that we are now sponsoring Brian Adilu from Uganda. We learnt that £5 can feed a family for a week in Brian's village, whilst £25 can provide a water pump to give them fresh water. We hope you can help us to raise as much money for Brian as possible. We will be working hard to win the fundraising trophy in Celebration Time each week. 

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Year 1 Authors!

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Some of our children have been learning what it is like to be an actual author this week as after they had written their wild thing character descriptions, they shared them with the class by reading aloud. 

It can be a little daunting reading in front of such a big audience but they were real professionals, sharing their ideas and explaining why they used certain words and phrases. They even listened to feedback from their friends - what a great lesson!


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Gymnastic Shapes

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Today we were gymnastics in PE. We had to make different shapes with our bodies. Before we started, we had to stretch and warm up our bodies. We had to do this because we had to get our heart pumping faster and protect ourselves from getting hurt.

This is the star shape.

This is the straddle shape.

This is the straight shape.

This is the pike shape.

This is the tuck shape.

Next time, we will work on creating a sequence of shapes.

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