Welcome to Henry Ford Class

Teachers: Mr Codling and Mrs Martin.  Teaching assistant:  Mrs Bray
Hello and welcome to our Year Five class, taught by Mr Codling and Mrs Bray, with Mrs Martin on Thursday afternoon and Friday. 
Mr Codling has been teaching for a long time (he was a teacher back in the last millennium!) and he loves working with older KS2 children, encouraging us to develop greater independence, responsibility and prepare us for our move on to Middle School. He aims to stimulate a love of learning, and help us develop into “confident, switched-on young people with a good work ethic and respect for others.”  This fits in with our class identity.  Henry Ford was an inspirational person who strongly believed in the power of positive thought and teamwork.  Our classroom reflects lots of his key messages
We believe our classroom should be a safe and happy environment, where everyone is respected and feels able to try new things, offer suggestions and learn through making mistakes. We want to get the most out of our last year here at Scissett CE Academy – and give something back as well!
As we are the oldest class in school, we take on additional responsibilities, such as being Play Leaders, Collective Worship monitors, librarians and reading partners with Reception class. 
Our classroom is bright and cheerful, with lots of interactive displays, and different learning zones. We do lots of different topics: this year this includes Ancient Greece, Space, Water and Victorians. We have fun, as well as doing our best work, and we love earning Dojo points and table treasures.  Our table groups are named after three of Ford's iconic cars; we are the Mustangs, Thunderbirds, and the Gran Torinos.

Henry Ford Spring 2023

Relief Sculpture

In Art sessions with Mrs Whittle year 5 have explored relief sculpture. They had to design and create their own self portrait using clay using the technique we had learnt.


Henry Ford Autumn 2022

Sharing a Story

Michelle Bennett (mbennett) on: Henry Ford Autumn 2022


Having completed all our training to be Reading Partners, this week was the time we were able to put our work into practice! We met Reception for the first time and introduced ourselves to our partners. It was a great first session and Reception were so excited to meet the Year 5 children and share a story together. George P must have had good phonic training as he was helping his partner to sound out the words in the books (but monster might be a little advanced for Reception in week 3!)



Are you sitting comfortably...?

Michelle Bennett (mbennett) on: Henry Ford Autumn 2022


Another opportunity for us to make a positive contribution to life at Scissett Academy.  We have had our training as Reading Partners and are looking forward to teaming up with Reception Class to mentor them as reading partners.

We all love a good story and will enjoy revisiting some of our well-loved, classic stories.  You are never too old for the Gruffalo!



Sports Leaders

Michelle Bennett (mbennett) on: Henry Ford Autumn 2022


One of the important roles Y5 have chance to do is that of Play Leader.  Mr Davidson from our Pyramid Sports Partnership put us through our paces this week, teaching us how to organise and run games for younger children in school.  The session was great fun, as it gave us the opportunity to devise our own game ideas! 


Out of this world!

Michelle Bennett (mbennett) on: Henry Ford Autumn 2022


Today we were modelling the orbital relationships between the sun, moon and Earth.  Did you know that the orbit path is elliptical rather than circular?  We were getting a little dizzy doing this...


Michelle Bennett (mbennett) on: Henry Ford Autumn 2022


Welcome to Class Henry Ford's blog.  Here you will find updates about the interesting things happening in Y5.

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