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Welcome to Cockroft Class

Teacher: Miss Goodall

Welcome to Cockroft Class! We are the Year 1 class at Scissett CE Academy. This year, all of our classes are named after athletes who are hoping to go for gold at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics. We are named after Hannah Cockroft, a world champion and Paralympic gold medallist from Halifax and we can’t wait to follow her journey.

We have 30 children in our class and we are really proud to all be unique individuals. Miss Goodall is our class teacher and she teaches us everyday – if she isn’t in class, she is usually organising something sporty for our school! She loves to keep us active so you might find us dancing to Supermovers to help us learn our maths or running the 1K a day track. Miss Buckley also helps us to learn every day. From phonics and funky fingers in a morning to topic and science in an afternoon, she supports us to access the Year 1 curriculum. Mrs Martin teaches us on a Monday afternoon and, alongside Mrs Glen, she makes sure we become mini artists.

In Cockroft Class, we work hard to build on the skills that we have learnt whilst following the EYFS curriculum in Reception and we can still access the shared areas to continue to develop these. Though we have a more structured daily routine, continuous provision and outdoor learning are still important to us. We’re lucky to have access to great outdoor spaces at Scissett Academy and we are excited to explore these more this year. In Year 1, we have lots of different activities throughout the day to develop our English and Maths skills in lessons and in cross-curricular ways. We also practise our phonics every day to keep improving our reading skills.

Keep checking back to see what we get up to!


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Cockroft Class Blog

Christmas Class Share

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Today, we had our class share with Asher-Smith Class (Year 4). We love sharing our work with our partners and this time they had a special surprise for us - they had each created a story for us to take home! What a lovely way for us to end the Autumn term. Thank you so much Year 4 - we can't wait to carry on our class shares next year.


1K a Day Helps Cockroft to Play

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Miss Goodall and Miss Buckley love to run and they're on a mission to share this with Year 1!

Together, we have made a commitment to take on the 1K a Day challenge on the days we don't have PE. It's simple - we leave everything in the classroom and we head to the footstep track. 12 and a half laps means we have run, walked, skipped or jumped 1K but the important thing is that we keep going and don't give up - even if we get tired we can slow down to a walk. 

Freddie - "you just get to run! It's so much fun!"

Arianna - "Miss Goodall even runs with us too. Sometimes we chase her but we always beat her!"

Happy hearts and happy minds make for a happy classroom.


Superstar Writers! 8th October 2019

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Here are today's Superstar Writers - chosen for their improvements in handwriting, independence and building up interesting vocabulary.

Who will feature here next?



Claude in the City - what is the city like?

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This week, Cockroft Class have started thinking about their new text, Claude in the City. This text is also helping us to develop our writing strategies, especially the term 'magpie-ing'. 

During our lesson, the children listened to a city soundscape and watched a time lapse video of London to experience what it is like in a city. Then, they thought up lots of ideas to describe the city for our working wall. Miss Goodall challenged them to add as many interesting details as possible, so we could add these to our working wall. She also allowed us to magpie other people's ideas - meaning we could borrow them to make our own work better.

Here are some super descriptions we came up with as a class:

Sienna - "tall, tall towers"
Amelia S - "beautiful statues made out of stone"
Lyra - "underground trains chucking along"

Who will help me retell the story?

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Our key text in English this fortnight is The Little Red Hen and we have been learning this story using Talk for Writing. Today, we headed outside to explore the story in more detail and we took on the roles of the little red hen, the cat, the rat and the bull to explore what they might have been thinking and feeling throughout the story. 

Next time you see one of Cockroft Class, why not ask them to teach you the story and the actions? They would love to share it with you!



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