Welcome to Cleopatra Class

Hello and welcome to our Class Cleopatra (Year 3)! We are taught by Mrs Boulby (more commonly, Mrs B!), with Mrs Martin on Thursdays and Mr Burrows on Fridays. This year all our classes are named after famous historical people - we decided to choose Lois’s suggestion of Cleopatra because we’re going to learn about Ancient Egypt later in the year (and it was great alliteration too!)

Although we are not the oldest class in school, we are working hard to develop our independence and sense of responsibility, so we have jobs such as milk monitors, Eco representative, School Councillors, Book Corner monitors and mentors to Reception Class through our class shares.

Our classroom is bright and cheerful, with lots of interactive displays, and different learning zones, including a Reading Corner, Prayer corner, Maths Zone and English Working wall. We do lots of different topics, including Our European Neighbours, Rocking the Stone Age, Ancient Egypt, Precious Plants and Deadly Deserts. We have fun, as well as doing our best work. We also have the chance to work with other teachers on our enrichment afternoon, learning French with Mr Codling and Art with Mrs Whittle, as well as Music with our own Mrs B.

Mrs B has been teaching for a long time and loves working with KS2 children, encouraging us to develop greater independence, responsibility and prepare us for our move up to Year 4. She aims to stimulate a love of learning, and help us develop into “confident, switched-on young people with a good work ethic and respect for others.”

We believe our classroom should be a safe and happy environment, where everyone is respected and included, and feels able to try new things, offer suggestions and learn through making mistakes. We want to get the most out of our time in Year 3 at Scissett CE Academy – and give something back as well!

Cleopatra Autumn 2022

Journeys and Challenges

Michelle Bennett (mbennett) on: Cleopatra Autumn 2022


This week, Class Cleopatra had the chance to go on an Amazing Journey around the theme of Creation, set up for us by Alison from Hand2Mouth. Everyone was really keen to take part, and we had lots of different activities to try, while thinking about the earth and Creation. We put our fingerprints inside the outline of a dove, created a collaborative painting by filling in a shape with the colour representing our favourite “down-time” activity, and wrote prayers on paper which we then folded up and placed on a bowl of water – they opened up as we watched! We could also plant seeds in a little pot and take them home.

We also had the treat of some of our Mums coming into class on Thursday for a special Reading event. Mrs B showed them - and us – a bit more about reading in Year 3, and our VIPERS work. We then had time to read in partners, either with our Mum if they had been able to come, or with a partner in class. The grown-ups all said they found it a great way to find out more about reading at Scissett!


Finally, this week, we had our last Invictus lesson in PE. Mrs B set us the challenge of turning over a sheet while we were still standing on it! We had to work with our team-mates and communicate our ideas well. She then asked us if we could repeat the challenge without being able to stand up - that was really hard!



Read, read, read!

Michelle Bennett (mbennett) on: Cleopatra Autumn 2022


This week has been an exciting time for Class Cleopatra – we got to see a real live author (through a Zoom virtual event!) We are one of hundreds of schools across the UK and Ireland to have partnered up with this event, which has been created by a group of bookshops, including our local bookshop, “Read.Holmfirth”. We met author Sophie Henn, who has written lots of different fiction books. However, this event was about her non-fiction series, LIFESIZE.

We were all amazed by the fact that the pictures in Sophie’s books are all life-sized, showing us that an elephant’s toe-nail, a panda’s face and a giant squid’s eyeball are all about the same size as each other, and much bigger than the bumble-bee humming bird, which is only about 5cm in length! We had good fun spreading out an 18m piece of string to show how big the giant squid is altogether – it was HUGE! And did you know that a giraffe’s tongue is 45-50cm long, and is grey/purple coloured so it doesn’t get sunburnt reaching up to the top branches and leaves on the acacia trees?! Sophie also showed us how to draw a red panda, which was really fun.

And on the subject of Reading, some of us are already working hard towards our Year 3 Reading Challenge. Look at all the different types of text that Mrs B has challenged us to try before we leave her class!


Harvest Festival and Being Forceful!

Michelle Bennett (mbennett) on: Cleopatra Autumn 2022


Thursday (29th September) was a special day – we held our first Harvest Service in school after lockdown that we could invite our families to share with us. The whole school sang some fun songs as part of the service: Cauliflowers Fluffy, Autumn Days, Carpenter, Carpenter and Harvest Samba. Reception and Years 1 and 2 performed “The Farmer Plants the Seeds” and the Key Stage 2 classes performed “When your Father made the World.” Mrs B thought we all did really well and the sound was fantastic. Class Cleopatra also performed a poem that we had been working on in our English lessons, called Autumn is Here. Mrs B combined lines and phrases from 20 different children’s poems to make a collective one, and we worked as a team to perform it to the families who came to watch. Mrs b was very impressed with the vocabulary we had used (we are focusing on good word choices in our writing and Book Study work this half-term). What do you think?



Also, this week, we carried out the Science Investigation we had planned last week, trying to work out how to test whether we need more force to pull an object over a rough surface or a smooth. We used force meters to measure how many Newtons it took to pull our objects on our smooth tables in class, and also over the rough grass outside. It was great fun working with the equipment, and making sure that we kept our test fair!




Going for gold!

Michelle Bennett (mbennett) on: Cleopatra Autumn 2022


This week has been a big week for being sporty and keeping fit…

On Tuesday, we all worked hard in a PE session with Mr Kinnock and Mr Hanson from Kirkburton and Scissett Middle Schools, doing “Quad Kids”. We had to try our best to run a really fast sprint, a steady long-distance run, achieve our longest throw and make our longest standing jump. The teachers keep our scores and see how we improve from year to year.

On Tuesday evening, some of us went with Miss Goodall up to Shelley College to run in the Year 3 cross-country event. We were really proud of all our runners, especially Maisie, who won her race against all the Y3 girls in the other first schools, and will go on to the next race at Newsome in a few weeks’ time, to compete against other Y3s across Huddersfield.

And, of course, on Thursday we had our usual Multi-skills lesson with Mr Kinnock, working on lots of different skills and building up our stamina, and on Friday we had our PE session with Mr Burrows. This half term, we are doing a topic called “Invictus”, linked to the Invictus games which use the power of sport to inspire recovery, support rehabilitation for wounded servicemen. We have been thinking about how different games and sports can be adapted for players with different needs.


This week, we have also been thinking about what makes our school great, and what a real “Nightmare School” would look like. We drew our ideas, and Felix and Darcy showed what pupils who went there might look like!


Being Thankful

Michelle Bennett (mbennett) on: Cleopatra Autumn 2022


Our Prayer corner in Class Cleopatra is linked to being thankful. We have all been invited to write something we are thankful for on a leaf and hang it on the prayer tree. Look at how many things we have thought of already! Jake and Alex think it looks great!

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