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Welcome To the Asher Smith Class page. 

We are a class of 32 students, 1 teacher, 1 trainee teacher and 1 part time learning support assistant.  We are the Asher Smith Class.  We chose her as an Olympian as she shows great determination, team work and perseverance in her pursuit of gold. 

Mr Cunningham is the class teacher.  He has been teaching for over 20 years and still enjoys it!!  He likes his class to work hard and to be the best that it can be.  He loves work to be EXCELLENT!  He enjoys reading, theatre and music.

Mrs Conway is our assistant and she is great at being enthusiastic and caring.  She is great at helping us with learning and wants all of us to do the best that we can.

Our aim this year is to be independent in our learning and to be fully organised for all of our tasks.  We aim to always respect others and to always try our best.

This year we have an exciting year of learning with a different theme each half term.  Our themes are Sensational Sounds; Hurricanes and Tornadoes; Vicious Vikings; Mazing Molars; Radiant Rainforests and Awesome Animals.

Our class is full of great characters.  We have  Jacob and  Ava who are our amazing new school councillors, Alfie R and Chloe who have already improved in independence from last year, Maisie F who is aiming to be the Queen of the Dojo’s, Abigail O who loves to have original thoughts, Alfie C who is aiming to be an amazing artist, Abigail C and Eloise who are already in competition to produce best work in the class, Poppy the first star of a PE lesson,  Olivia who wants to be the maths expert, Billy the expert on dragons and so the list goes on!!!!!  Getting star of the week is going to be very competitive.

We hope to keep our pages updated with some of the great work that we have been producing and we are really excited by what the year will bring.

Class Letters

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Carry My Story

Posted: Mar 4, 2020 by: Bart Cunningham (bcunningham) on: Asher-Smith Class Blog

Asher Smith class have visited with their twinned school.  Before we met our new friends, we exchanged mind maps showing parts of the facts and characteristics which made each of us special. It was exciting to receive these in the post.  We then designed and created a box to show our partner facts about ourselves.  This was a way to discuss and share facts.  Our boxes were fantastic.  Abi C created her bedroom inside hers.  Malachi had objects including a cricket ball in his.  Maisie W had to have a pink one and Alfie C had a special hidden compartment in his.  The visit was exciting and we were really happy to meet our new friends in person.  There was a lot of good talking going on and it was amazing to see how much we all had in common.  Thank you to Healy school for a great day and we are definitely keeping in touch


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Class Updates

Brilliant Boats - 07/02/2020

Asher Smith were set the challenge of creating Viking boats for their PAL homework.  We have been amazed by the designs and finish that the children have created, designed and constructed.  As you can see from the gallery there is a great range of sizes and shapes.  Abi O said "I enjoyed making my Viking boat because I like crafty stuff.  My favourite part was colouring in the shields". Callum said " It was fun.  It was pretty hard.  The hardest part was sticking the mast as it kept falling off.  I eventually had to use duct tape to stick the mast".  We have shared all our design features and considered which ideas from others we might borrow or use in the future.

Swimming Superstars - 31/01/2020

Mr Cunningham was extremely proud of his class in swimming.  We attempted to achieve our life saving qualifications which is very tricky.  We had to swim in our clothes which felt "really strange". Part of the test was to float as teams for 2 minutes.  Mrs Hardcastle, our swimming teacher, was thrilled with the effort and skills shown by the class and she congratulated u.  We were the first school to achieve this standard this year.  So well done to all who have already achieved and good luck to those who will be trying it in the next couple of weeks!

Cool Condensation - 31/01/2020

In science we have been studying changes in state.  To understand this we created mini atmospheres similar to the earth.  We had to use careful observational skills to see what happens.  It was amazing to see that we created rainfall.  Billy now wants to know what the rain would look like if we used coke instead of water.  This is a fantastic next question.

Panto Perfection - 27/01/2020

Class Asher Smith thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Bradford to watch Snow White.  Poppy wrote a great review which she named "Billy's Best Panto Yet!"  In it she wrote "The hilarious cast this year is played by three bundles of energy; Muddles , who is played by the star of the show, the wonderful Billy Pearce, who magically rides his moped."  She finished the review with "excellent show, full of energy, loved it!  Brilliant creativity in scenes of the show" and gave the show 5 stars. The same score was given by 31 out of 32 children!

Where in the World - 27/01/2020

As part of our homework, we researched where different members of our families have been born.  We collated some of this information to see which different type of places our families have travelled from.  You can see we have families that have travelled locally, nationally and internationally!

Viking Questions - 24/01/2020

As part of our history topic, after the starter lessons we have created questions that we would like answering.  These could be questions that we would ask a real life Viking. Abi O wanted to know what age you were when you went to invade, Isaac was keen to know what vikings ate and Hugo wanted to know why the vikings became Christians.  Hopefully these are all questions we will be able to answer.

Viking Shields - 22/01/2020

We have looked at some of the different designs that vikings used on their shields.  We considered the different colours and shapes and we thought about what we would have liked our shield to look like.  Maisie W wants her shield to have stripes and she wanted to use green, red and white.  She thought these were traditional Viking colours.

Asher Smith Authors - 19/12/2019

As part of our class share, we have written books for our year 1 partners.  We have used ideas that they wanted in their stories and have given them the book as a Christmas present.  Books included characters such as Mary Poppins, lions, mermaids and princesses.  There was a lost puppy and a crazy elephant. 

General Election Fever - 16/12/2019

Class Asher Smith got into the election fever and held their own election.  Each of us had to listen to each of the political parties manifestos and then decide who we would like to run the country.  It was a very close decision with the Liberals just losing out by one vote to the Green Party. 

Christmas Calendars - 16/12/2019

Asher Smith class have studied the style of Jackson Pollock and created their calendar art work using his techniques.  Matthew said "It was fun because you got to splatter and it was messy!"  Olivia said "No one can make his paintings but you can make a painting just like him.  His are just bigger". The calendars will hopefully make all their houses are more interesting canvas.

Clever Computing - 25/11/2019

Asher Smith class have been using their computing skills for different tasks this half term.  We have mind mapped on 2Connect.  We have started to use emails and we have researched using the internet.  We have also found out a little about the history of communication.

Fantastic Class Share - 11/11/2019

In year 4, we have partnered up with Year 1 to practise our reading skills and to share our work.  We are sharing our reading techniques and encouraging each other to improve and get better.  Year 1 have set a challenge to us and before Christmas we will write a story book especially for our partner which uses all the characters and genres that they like.  Sharing work is great and it was great to meet our new partners!

Creative Composers - 08/11/2019

Asher Smith class studied a piece of music called Stripsody.  It was a rather unusual piece of music which and a score and was performed purely by the human voice.  We created our own versions, writing a musical score and some of us even performed it to the rest of the class.  The original piece is available on You Tube.  We hope you enjoy! 

Our Zulu Dance - 08/11/2019

As part of our Diversity week we were really lucky to receive a visit from the Mighty Zulu Nation.  They performed for us, but then they helped us to learn part of the Zulu dance.  Poppy said the dance was Awesome and it really made you get in the mood of the day.  Hugo agreed and said the dance was very fun because everyone in the school joined in. 

Diversity Art Work - 08/11/2019

As part of our Diversity week, we prepared speeches about people who inspired us.  We also created portraits of these people.  We had an incredible range of real life heroes, from Grace Darling to Stevie Wonder, from Winston Churchill to Nelson Mandela.  Can you identify some of the people we chose form their portraits?  We also used these as part of our Worship time when we introduced the theme of kindness.

Sign Language - 23/10/2019

As part of our Diversity week, we were really lucky to have a visitor who helped to teach us some sign language so we could learn to say hello to somebody who couldn't hear. Kaitlyn is demonstrating how to say "My name is ...". Ava said it was kind of hard but easy at the same time. 

We also learnt the alphabet and how to show some feelings. It was a great session and thank you to the different teacher.

Sound Experiments & Blind Football - 23/10/2019

We have been studying sound in science.  As part of this we investigated telephone cups and whether the length of the string made a difference to the sounds.  It was great fun in the hall!  We even investigated if we could make a phone with more than 2 cups!!!

As part of our diversity week we experienced what sport might be like from different perspectives.  We explored what blind football might be like.  Brandon said"It is really dark!" Whilst he was wearing the blindfold.  We built up our skills gradually.  Izobel said it was real difficult to follow the instructions of others.  Isaac said that Izobel was a great instructor!

Pop Art - 10/10/2019

Asher Smith have been learning about pop art as an art movement.  We are experimenting with this style and have created our own pop art using ICT skills.  Can you recognise any of the models from this collection.  Billy said " It was quite hard.  But I really like the colours I used of gold and silver.  I like the metallic effect". Callum said " I liked it.  It was really fun.  Alfie and I look like we are made of cheese!"

Sound - 10/10/2019

Asher-Smith are well into their Sound topic now and part of this has been to use their science knowledge to create their own musical instrument.  A whole range of instruments have been created, from the Pegophone to the Sound Buster.  Astin said he loves the instruments because they are all different.  Maisie F enjoyed looking at listening to Malachi's because " when he blew the instrument it was funny because it silly noise". Rebecca was really pleased that everyone had managed to make such a good one!

Harvest Festival - 04/10/2019

Asher Smith class have worked hard to help with the Harvest Festival.  We performed our poem Fruit Salad where we all had parts to say and we created the front entrance display.  We also helped collect food and stationary to go to CART to help others.  Hugo said performing the poem was fun!  "It was good, I enjoyed it and I liked helping others" said Lois.

Orienteering - 26/09/2019

Asher-Smith class have been practising and developing their orienteering skills this half term.  This has been good for developing our map reading skills and it has really tested our speed!  Abigail O'Neill said she loved orienteering as "you get to solve puzzles which is exciting".